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This column addresses another recently released tool to help legal writers: Lawmanac. Lawmanac is not a book; it is software you load onto your computer hard drive to provide "click- able help for legal writers." Lawmanac includes seven types of "clickable help": (1) a 4,700-word legal dictionary; (2) a list of 2,800 abbreviations of legal sources, with website links; (3) tables for state and federal authorities, with website links; (4) advice on punctuation, capitalization, and typeface conventions; (5) a twenty-lesson course for learning and perfecting legal citation style and form; (6) lists of examples illustrating proper punctuation and form for citations; and (7) full-text versions of six of the most-used federal sources: the U.S. Constitution, the federal rules of evidence, civil and criminal rules of procedure, and appellate and bankruptcy practice rules.

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