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Sensitive species data, Colorado Government, Environmental regulations, Endangered and Threatened Species Conservation Act, Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s State Wildlife Action Plan, Environmental Data


This report addresses the use of sensitive species data in Colorado at both the state and local levels. At the state level, this research focuses on environmental statutes and regulations, permitting authority in various state agencies, and processes for identifying and dealing with sensitive species. At the local level, the focus is on the role of sensitive species data in development proposals, as well as the varying level of detail required for considering sensitive species data in in local government decision-making.

Principally, this report identifies: (1) areas where statutes and regulations require the consideration of sensitive species data; (2) areas where data could be used but are not used currently; and (3) impediments to the best data being used in decision-making. Finally, this report offers suggested best practices and recommendations for statutory and regulatory changes to ensure that decision-makers are using the best available sensitive species data.

The recommendations provided in this report include statutory changes, regulatory amendments, and changes to policy documents. Ultimately, each of these recommendations serve to increase transparency in decision-making processes and improve considerations of environmental impacts. While this report recognizes that the overarching goal of more complete considerations for sensitive species may be achieved through recommendations not included in this report, the recommendations provided intend to serve as a framework to guide potential changes to the law.

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Kevin J. Lynch, Marissa Hoffman, Katherine Klein, John Molera, Merrily Newcomb, Sarah Matsumoto, Wyatt Sassman, Natalie Norcutt


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