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Culture, Cultural defense, Client-centered lawyering, Ethics


The article talks about interracial relationships viewed as cultural evangelism. The author mentions that viewing interracial marriage as the ultimate indicator of racial progress leaves the cognitive imprint that underlies all race relations. Professor Goel introduces the four archetypes of interracial relations that emanated from the four historical institutions such as the Civilized White and Colored Savage, the White Colonizer and Colored Subject, the White Master and Colored Slave, and the White Missionary and Colored Heathen. An analysis of the social and legal aspects of interracial marriages and interracial families is also presented.

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Originally published as Rashmi Goel, From Tainted to Sainted: The View of Interracial Relations as Cultural Evangelism, 2007 Wis. L. REV. 489 (2007).

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