Comparative Perspectives on Gender Violence: Lessons From Efforts Worldwide

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Sturm College of Law


Gender violence, Culture, Intimate partner violence, International cooperation


The United States has uncritically exported its law and policy on gender violence without regard to effectiveness or cultural context, and without asking what we might learn from efforts to combat gender violence in the rest of the world. This book asks that question. Surveying the legal regimes from countries in which the legal response is just developing to countries that have had law and policy in place for decades and informed by the international human rights framework, the book documents the scope of the problem of gender violence around the world, the policy successes and failures, and the grassroots efforts to ensure a robust and proactive response in countries from China to Chile. From the work of activists to stem the tide of sexual and intimate partner violence after the Haitian earthquake of 2005, to the efforts to eradicate dowry-related violence in India, to the public education campaigns to prevent domestic violence in Scotland, the book offers a comprehensive vision of global efforts to eradicate gender based violence. Featuring the work of leading gender violence academics and activists around the world.