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Fred was a mythical figure at Denver Law. Truly. I arrived at the school in the fall of 2000, while Fred and his family were overseas on sabbatical. From the first day I arrived, people would say, ""You have to meet Fred. He is the greatest."" He was billed as the greatest mentor, the greatest teacher, the greatest scholar, and the most thoughtful addition to any endeavor we might be contemplating. As the accolades for Fred-in-absentia piled up, I became convinced that Fred did not actually exist; that he was a mythic hero created by my colleagues to describe their ideal of the law professor. And I bought into the myth. We should all aspire to those qualities.

Sure enough, Fred did exist. He returned to the law school one day, and poked his smiling face into my office to introduce himself. And I quickly understood why his colleagues loved and respected him so much. He was all they said he was, and more.

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