Causal Set Approach to Discrete Quantum Gravity


S. Gudder

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Causal set approach, Discrete quantum gravity, Quantum sequential growth process


We begin by describing a sequential growth model in which the universe grows one element at a time in discrete time steps. At each step, the process has the form of a causal set and the “completed” universe is given by a path consisting of a discretely growing chain of causal sets. We then introduce a quantum dynamics to obtain a quantum sequential growth process (QSGP) which may lead to a viable model for discrete quantum gravity. A discrete version of Einstein’s field equation is derived and a definition for discrete geodesics is proposed. A type of QSGP called an amplitude process is introduced. An example of an amplitude process called a complex percolation process is studied. This process conforms with general principles of causality and covariance. We end with some detailed quantum measure calculations for a specific percolation constant.

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