Submissions from 2019

Development of a Statistical Shape-Function Model of the Implanted Knee for Real-Time Prediction of Joint Mechanics, Kalin D. Gibbons, Chadd W. Clary, Paul J. Rullkoetter, and Clare K. Fitzpatrick


Validation of Pre-Operative Templating for Total Disc Replacement Surgery, Justin F.M. Hollenbeck, Jill A. Fattor, Vikas Patel, Evalina Burger, Paul J. Rullkoetter, and Christopher M.J. Cain

A Lower Extremity Model for Muscle-Driven Simulation of Activity Using Explicit Finite Element Modeling, Donald R. Hume, Alessandro Navacchia, Paul J. Rullkoetter, and Kevin B. Shelburne

Influence of Component Geometry on Patellar Mechanics in Posterior-Stabilized Rotating Platform Total Knee Arthroplasty, Erin M. Mannen, Azhar A. Ali, Douglas A. Dennis, Brian D. Haas, Paul J. Rullkoetter, and Kevin B. Shelburne

A Computationally Efficient Strategy to Estimate Muscle Forces in a Finite Element Musculoskeletal Model of the Lower Limb, Alessandro Navacchia, Donald R. Hume, Paul J. Rullkoetter, and Kevin B. Shelburne

Submissions from 2018


In Vivo Comparison of Medialized Dome and Anatomic Patellofemoral Geometries Using Subject‐Specific Computational Modeling, Azhar A. Ali, Erin M. Mannen, Paul J. Rullkoetter, and Kevin B. Shelburne


The Impact of Hip Implant Alignment on Muscle and Joint Loading During Dynamic Activities, Casey A. Myers, Peter J. Laz, Kevin B. Shelburne, Dana L. Judd, Daniel N. Huff, Joshua D. Winters, Jennifer E. Stevens-Lapsley, and Paul J. Rullkoetter

Loading and Kinematic Profiles for Patellofemoral Durability Testing, Alessandro Navacchia, Chadd W. Clary, Xuzheng Han, Kevin B. Shelburne, Abraham P. Wright, and Paul J. Rullkoetter

Validation of Model-Predicted Tibial Tray-Synthetic Bone Relative Motion in Cementless Total Knee Replacement During Activities of Daily Living, Alessandro Navacchia, Chadd W. Clary, Hayden L. Wilson, Yashar A. Behnam, and Paul J. Rullkoetter