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Collaborative Librarianship

ISSN 1943-7528

Increasingly, libraries are moved to seek partnerships with other libraries, with other organizations in the information and technology fields, with other entities in our institutions, and with other groups and enterprises in our communities. While partnerships of all sorts have had a long history in the field of librarianship, today, as never before, there is greater urgency to develop and exploit library partnerships, and to think widely and creatively on new types of, and potentials for, partnerships.

Human Rights & Human Welfare (Josef Korbel School of International Studies)

Human Rights & Human Welfare is an online journal specializing in unique forms of academic literature review. Our five sections of content offer a wide range of resources for scholars and students: Review Essays, Book Notes, Roundtable, Topical Research Digest, and Working Papers.

See the About This Journal for more information on each of these content types.

Rocky Mountain Conference on Magnetic Resonance

An archival collection of abstracts and programs for the Rocky Mountain Conference on Magnetic Resonance (RMCMR) from 1958 to present..

The Liminal: Interdisciplinary Journal of Technology in Education

The Liminal: Interdisciplinary Journal of Technology in Education

We are pleased to announce The Liminal journal's inaugural call for papers! The journal's first issue is on "How Higher Education Should Respond to Fake News and the Post-Truth World." All accepted papers will be published as open access on DU's Digital Commons. For more details, please see our:


Deadline for Submissions

First Call for Submission: January 15, 2019

Second Call for Submissions: February 18, 2019

Revisions Due: March 15, 2019

We publish peer-reviewed papers, case studies, reflections on current issues, reviews of books, reviews of games, comments on articles and discussions related to the mission of the journal. We expect this online open access journal to be in a state of perpetual beta just like technology and education are.

The publication language of the journal is English with selected pieces translated into French. We encourage inclusion of bilingual terms, quotes and references.

**The Liminal journal is officially indexed on, CFPList, Paperleap, H-Net, BrownWalker, WikiCFP, and other calls for papers academic databases.