Scholarship created by the faculty of the University of Denver's Department of Physics and Astronomy.


Submissions from 2017

The Results from BESS-Polar Experiment, K. Abe, H. Fuke, S. Haino, T. Hams, M. Hasegawa, K. C. Kim, M. H. Lee, Y. Makida, J. W. Mitchell, J. Nishimura, M. Nozaki, R. Orito, J. F. Ormes, N. Picot-Clemente, K. Sakai, M. Sasaki, E. S. Seo, R. E. Streitmatter, J. Suzuki, K. Tanaka, N. Thakur, A. Yamamoto, T. Yoshida, and K. Yoshimura

Anomalous Spin-orbit Torque Switching in Synthetic Antiferromagnets, Chong Bi, Hamid Almasi, Kyle Price, Ty Newhouse-Illige, Meng Xu, Shane R. Allen, Xin Fan, and Weigang Wang

Tunable Higher-order Orbital Angular Momentum using Polarization-maintaining Fiber, Brendan M. Heffernan, Robert D. Niederriter, Mark Siemens, and Juliet T. Gopinath

Submissions from 2016

Quantitative Measurement of the Orbital Angular Momentum of Light with a Single, Stationary Lens, Samuel N. Alperin, Robert D. Niederriter, Juliet T. Gopinath, and Mark Siemens

All-optical Vector Measurement of Spin-Orbit-Induced Torques using both Polar and Quadratic Magneto-optic Kerr Effects, Xin Fan, Alex R. Mellnik, Wenrui Wang, Neal Reynolds, Tao Wang, Halise Celik, Virginia O. Lorenz, Daniel C. Ralph, and John Q. Xiao

Role of Proteome Physical Chemistry in Cell Behavior, Kingshuk Ghosh, Adam M. R. de Graff, Lucas Sawle, and Ken A. Dill

Thermal Spin Injection and Interface Insensitivity in Permalloy/Aluminum Metallic Nonlocal Spin Valves, A. Hojem, D. Wesenberg, and Barry L. Zink

The Complex Circumstellar and Circumbinary Environment of V356 Sgr, Jamie R. Lomax, Andrew G. Fullard, Michael A. Malatesta, Brian Babler, Daniel Bednarski, Jodi R. Berdis, Karen S. Bjorkman, Jon E. Bjorkman, Alex C. Carciofi, James W. Davidson, Marcus Keil, Marilyn R. Meade, Kenneth Nordsieck, Matt Scheffler, Jennifer L. Hoffman, and John P. Wisniewski

Continuously Tunable Orbital Angular Momentum Generation Using a Polarization-maintaining Fiber, Robert D. Niederriter, Mark Siemens, and Juliet T. Gopinath

Simultaneous Control of Orbital Angular Momentum and Beam Profile in Two-mode Polarization-maintaining Fiber, Robert D. Niederriter, Mark Siemens, and Juliet T. Gopinath

Ethane Adsorption on Aggregates of Dahlia-like Nanohorns: Experiments and Computer Simulations, Brice A. Russell, Aldo D. Migone, Justin Petucci, M. Mercedes Calbi, Masako Yudasaka, and Sumio Iijima

Convergence of Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Protein Native States: Feasibility vs Self-Consistency Dilemma, Lucas Sawle and Kingshuk Ghosh

Quantifying Spectral Diffusion by the Direct Measurement of the Correlation Function for Excitons in Semiconductor Quantum Wells, Rohan Singh, Galan Moody, Mark Siemens, Hebin Li, and Steven T. Cundiff

Polarization-dependent Exciton Linewidth in Semiconductor Quantum Wells: A Consequence of Bosonic Nature of Excitons, Rohan Singh, Takeshi Suzuki, Travis M. Autry, Galan Moody, Mark Siemens, and Steven T. Cundiff

Efficient Spin Transport through Native Oxides of Nickel and Permalloy with Platinum and Gold Overlayers, Barry L. Zink, M. Manno, L. O'Brien, J. Lotze, M. Weiler, D. Bassett, S. J. Mason, S. T. B. Goennenwein, M. Johnson, and C. Leighton

Submissions from 2015

Thermal and Electrical Conductivity of Approximately 100-nm Permalloy, Ni, Co, Al, and Cu Films and Examination of the Wiedemann-Franz Law, A. D. Avery

Comprehensive Sets of Xe124(n,γ)Xe125 and Xe124(n,2n)Xe123 Cross-section Data for Assessment of Inertial-confinement Deuterium-tritium Fusion Plasma, Megha Bhike, B. Fallin, M. E. Gooden, N. Ludin, and W. Tornow

PM-IRRAS Determination of Molecular Orientation of Phosphonic Acid Self-Assembled Monolayers on Indium Zinc Oxide, Lingzi Sang, Anoma Mudalige, Ajaya K. Sigdel, Anthony J. Giordano, Seth R. Marder, Joseph J. Berry, and Jeanne E. Pemberton

A Theoretical Method to Compute Sequence Dependent Configurational Properties in Charged Polymers and Proteins, Lucas Sawle and Kingshuk Ghosh

Nickel Oxide Interlayer Films from Nickel Formate–ethylenediamine Precursor: Influence of Annealing on Thin Film Properties and Photovoltaic Device Performance, K. X. Steirer, R. E. Richards, A. K. Sigdel, A. Garcia, P. F. Ndione, S. Hammond, D. Baker, E. L. Ratcliff, C. Curtis, T. Furtak, D. S. Ginley, D. C. Olson, N. R. Armstrong, and J. J. Berry

Equilibration Processes During Gas Uptake Inside Narrow Pores, Joshua M. Vann, Samantha L. Molnar, and M. Mercedes Calbi