Scholarship created by the staff of the University of Denver's Department of Psychology.


Submissions from 2022

Case Study: A Quantitative Report of Early Attention, Fear, Disgust, and Avoidance in Specific Phobia for Buttons, Kateri McRae, Bethany G. Ciesielski, Sean C. Pereira, and James J. Gross

Submissions from 2021


Exposure to Prenatal Maternal Distress and Infant White Matter Neurodevelopment, Catherine H. Demers, Maria M. Bagonis, Khalid Al-Ali, Sarah E. Garcia, Martin A. Styner, John H. Gilmore, M. Camille Hoffman, Benjamin L. Hankin, and Elysia Poggi Davis

Submissions from 2019

Maternal Brain Resting‐State Connectivity in the Postpartum Period, Alexander J. Dufford, Andrew Erhart, and Pilyoung Kim

Intensity, Not Emotion: The Role of Poverty in Emotion Labeling Ability in Middle Childhood, Andrew Erhart, Julia Dmitrieva, Robert James Blair, and Pilyoung Kim


Neural Processing of Infant and Adult Face Emotion and Maternal Exposure to Childhood Maltreatment, Aviva K. Olsavsky, Joel Stoddard, Andrew Erhart, Rebekah C. Tribble, and Pilyoung Kim


Effects of Incidental Positive Emotion and Cognitive Reappraisal on Affective Responses to Negative Stimuli, Yu Song, Jessica I. Jordan, Kelsey A. Shaffer, Erik K. Wing, Kateri McRae, and Christian E. Waugh