About This Journal

The Sports & Entertainment Law Journal at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law focuses on legal aspects of the sports and entertainment law industries. The Journal has an annual published version of its scholarly articles, and uses its blogs as an opportunity for members of the Journal to write short pieces on recent news and developments in each of these industries.

The Journal is comprised of law students selected for editorial positions based on their merits demonstrated through a candidacy process. The process seeks those students who exhibit competent citation skills along with critical legal writing ability.

The Journal welcomes submissions of articles for consideration from attorneys, practitioners, or others in the sports and entertainment fields. There is no length requirement for these articles – our primary objective is to provide authors interested an opportunity and forum to express their opinions. The Journal is also actively seeking those that may be interested in contributing to the blog as an outside contributor. If interested, please click on the Contact Us tab to reach out!

The Journal’s citation format conforms to The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (21st ed. 2020), copyrighted by the Columbia, Harvard, and University of Pennsylvania Law Review and the Yale Law Journal.