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Morgridge College of Education, Teaching and Learning Sciences

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Norma L. Hafenstein, Ph.D.

Second Advisor

Paul Michalec, Ph.D.

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Amy Turino


Gifted females, Internal barriers, External barriers, Self-Efficacy, Lifespan


Exploring the Lives of Gifted Women is a narrative collection that shares the lived experience of five diverse gifted women. These women were identified as gifted and talented through a formal psychological evaluation. They were served in gifted programming in elementary and secondary school. This qualitative narrative study revealed the lived personal experience of being a gifted female throughout the lifespan for these five diverse gifted women. The internal gifted characteristics and external influences that affect gifted women’s relationships, social and emotional health, achievement, and overall wellbeing were analyzed. The results of this study also examined the internal and external influences that affect self-efficacy in gifted women. The collection of narratives allowed prominent themes to emerge, such as perfectionism, Imposter Syndrome, and societal pressures that lead to conformity.

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