Scholarship created by the University of Denver's Traumatic Stress Studies Group.


Submissions from 2020

Social Reactions and Women’s Decisions to Report Sexual Assault to Law Enforcement, Anne P. DePrince, Naomi Wright, Kerry L. Gagnon, Tejaswinhi Srinivas, and Jennifer Labus

Submissions from 2018

Shame and Alienation Related to Child Maltreatment: Links to Symptoms Across Generations, Rebecca L. Babcock Fenerci and Anne P. DePrince

Survivors' Advice to Service Providers: How to Best Serve Survivors of Sexual Assault, Kerry L. Gagnon, Naomi Wright, Tejaswinhi Srinivas, and Anne P. DePrince


Association Between Initial Age of Exposure to Childhood Abuse and Cognitive Control: Preliminary Evidence, Kristen L. Mackiewicz Seghete, Anne P. DePrince, and Marie T. Banich

Submissions from 2017

Impact of Executive Function on Efficacy Obtaining Resources Following Intimate Partner Violence, Michelle Seulki Lee and Anne P. DePrince


General and Emotion-Specific Alterations to Cognitive Control in Women with a History of Childhood Abuse, Kristen L. Mackiewicz Seghete, Roselinde H. Kaiser, Anne P. DePrince, and Marie T. Banich