Energy Policy: Managing Colorado's Future

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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Master of Applied Science

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University College, Environmental Policy and Management


Environmental Policy & Mgmt

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Steven Bissell


Amendment 37, California, Colorado, Energy consumption, Environmental aspects, Energy plan, Energy policy, Environment, Renewable energy, Sources, Wyoming


Growing population and growing energy needs in Colorado are driving increased energy consumption with associated environmental impacts. Currently Colorado state government manages issues of environmental impact, renewable energy and energy efficiency in a piecemeal fashion. An analysis of energy policy in California and Wyoming was conducted to identify best practices that could be employed in Colorado. Two key components were identified: 1) an overarching energy action plan similar to the plan employed in California and, 2) gubernatorial leadership to make energy planning and environmental stewardship a top priority. A Colorado focused energy action plan should take into account both renewable and fossil fuel resources that are abundant in the state.

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