Developing Civil Society and a New Leadership Class in Iraq: A Comprehensive Analysis and Business Plan

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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Master of Liberal Studies

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University College, Global Community Engagement


Global Affairs

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Naomi Starosta


Iraq, Civil society, De-Ba'athification, Leadership


Following De-Ba'athification, forming a new leadership class will be critical to the success of creating a strong civil society in modern-day Iraq. Implementation of youth educational exchange programs, specifically promoting leadership skills, is a significant part of the solution to stimulating a new generation of leaders. Using the reign of Saddam Hussein and his toppling as a frame of reference, a brief history of Iraq's civil society reveals a need for a new leadership class through the lens of democratic transition and consolidation. After exploring the leadership challenges of post-war nation building, the proposed business plan focuses on implementing a youth leadership program in Iraq, employing a wider participation model, and a lengthier, more involved learning model from existing programs.

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