Microcredit Financing Organizations: Global Players Empowering Women and Alleviating Poverty Worldwide

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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Master of Liberal Studies

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University College, Global Community Engagement


Global Affairs

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Benjamin Gochman


Microfinance, Microcredit, Women's empowerment, Solutions for world poverty


World poverty is a global issue and a development issue. Poverty reduction and women's empowerment are deeply connected to regional stability and long lasting peace. Nations will continue to be plagued by poverty, and top-down government agency aid programs to date have been unsuccessful. Encouraging news resides in innovative microfinance initiatives that alleviate poverty and impact millions of impoverished people around the globe. Microfinance organizations provide small loans, primarily to women otherwise excluded from the formal banking sector, for entrepreneurial endeavors. Myriad social, educational, and health programs accompany microfinance loan services. It is a powerful poverty-fighting tool with socioeconomic benefits. Evidence suggests that while imperfect, microfinance goals and successes are inspiring given the paucity of realistic alternatives in today's global development arena.

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