Russia's Clandestine War against the United States: The Resurrection of the KGB and Russian Organized Crime Post 9/11

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Capstone Project


Global Affairs

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Master of Liberal Studies


Global Affairs


Heather Booth


FSB and Russian Organized Crime; US National Security, FSB and Russian Organized Crime Post 9/11


As American leadership has narrowly focused on fighting global terror in Iraq and Afghanistan, the modern version of the KGB, now known as the FSB, has been conducting continuous clandestine warfare operations against the United States. These warfare operations include strategic economic and political partnerships with anti-American entities worldwide and direct embedding of double agents in the US intelligence community. This paper investigates the role of Russia's cultural history leading to the merger of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) and Russian Organized Crime (ROC). This paper concludes that the FSB is the most pervasive security threat to the United States and that employing Russian native and heritage speakers of Russian in the US intelligence community compromises US national security.

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