Equine Therapy Programs: Healthcare Organization Management

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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Master of Professional Studies

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University College, Healthcare Management


Healthcare Leadership

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Irene Frederick


Equine therapy and activities, Equine therapy and healthcare organizations


Equine therapy programs (EAP) are currently being used as complementary therapy services. As EAP has evolved in recent years, the potential to sophisticate these programs and classify them into managed healthcare organizations is better than it's ever been. [TOPIC] Currently, EAP is standardized under the guidelines set forth by equine accrediting organizations, but no EAP center has been identified and accredited as a healthcare organization. [IDENTIFIED PROBLEM] This project provides a grant proposal and detailed business plan for an EAP called V.E.T.S. [RESULT] EAP can be successfully managed and delivered as an accessible, affordable and quality healthcare organization. [OUTCOME]

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