Consumer Driven Health Care: An Examination of the Disadvantages to Low Income Employees

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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Master of Professional Studies

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University College, Strategic Human Resources


Strategic HR Management

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Audrey Sevalt


Benefits design, Consumer driven healthcare, Healthcare, Human resources, Low income employees, Missed care, Out of pocket obligations


As health care costs for companies continue to rise, more organizations are considering a consumer driven health plan option with the goal to engage employees so that they make better health care decisions. Although consumer driven health plan options present advantages to the employer and some employee groups, low income employees are negatively impacted by this option. Two major disadvantages include missed care and out of pocket obligations. This capstone reviews the current literature on consumer driven health care and discusses the disadvantages to low income employees. It also provides strategies and recommendations to employers who are considering a consumer driven health option plan to minimize the disadvantages to low income employees.

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