A Business Case for Diversity

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Capstone Project


Strategic HR Management

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Master of Professional Studies


Strategic HR Management


Katherine Frazier


Business case for diversity, Diversity, Diversity improves recuitment, Diversity increase ROI, Diversity increases competitive advantage, Diversity strategies


The use of diversity as a strategic advantage contributes to the success of an organization. The organizations that employ a diverse workforce benefit from the varied perspectives and value that diverse employees offer. The organizations that leverage those employee perspectives can gain a competitive advantage. For many organizations, employee diversity is underutilized. The research of this capstone evaluates the various benefits of diversity strategies. It then compares those with results from a diversity survey and interviews with HR professionals. Ultimately, this capstone concludes that additional research at the employee level and additional quantitative measurement are needed to highlight the ways in which a diversity strategy can increase a company's bottom line and offer a strategic advantage.

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