A Due Diligence Best Practices Guide for Human Resources in an M&A

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Capstone Project


Strategic HR Management

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Master of Professional Studies


Strategic HR Management


James Krefft


Communication, Corporate culture, Due diligence, Human capital, Human resources, Leadership, Mergers and acquisitions, Retention


Human capital issues are often ignored in an M&A process. Overlooked people issues results in high unsuccessful M&A rates, and contribute to the 70 percent failure rate of most deals. To decrease this high failure rate, this paper proposes the need to address human capital issues in the due diligence phase of the M&A process, specifically in the first three stages which are Gather Documents, Audit, and Report and Recommend. The strategic process focuses on leadership, retention, and organizational culture. Human resources is an essential part of the M&A process, and when utilized early, can help to uncover possible miss-matches between organizations. The project is a practical guide for Human Resources to assist in creating a successful M&A.

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