Analysis and Solution of a Mobile Application Privacy Policy Organizational Framework

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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Master of Applied Science

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University College, Informtaion and Communications Technology


Information & Comm Technology

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Timothy Leddy


Mobile application, Privacy policy, Organizational structure, mobile devices, Privacy policy standard, Consumer trust, Standards development organization, Application developers alliance


This paper examines the current state of privacy policy standards for mobile devices. It includes an in-depth review of current discussions about how to proceed with the design of a standard. The thesis develops a set of criteria to determine the best possible organizational structure for the creation of a mobile application privacy policy standard. The options considered include company control, industry organization, government / industry combination, and government control. The analysis, through the use of a decision matrix, indicates a preference for the industry organization option. The recommended structure models the layout of other industry organizations like the IEEE, BICSI, and TIA. Enforcement of the new standard includes the use of a point system similar to LEED certification. Privacy policies receive a grade of fair, good or excellent.

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