Come What May, Lizzie Jane: A Story of Loss and Hope Cultivated from Unresolved Family Mysteries

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Capstone Project


Liberal Studies

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Master of Liberal Studies


Arts & Culture


Kathleen Adams


1940's fiction, Hardship, Mother-loss, Novel, Suicide, Young adult fiction


Fiction can be a useful tool for uncovering the emotional truths behind family mysteries that, because the physical truth has already been lost, cannot be resolved through conventional research methods. My lineage is riddled with unresolved family mysteries, family stories with multiple conflicting versions, unresolved questions, catastrophic losses, or significant details missing. Come What May, Lizzie Jane is a novel-length work of fiction cultivated from the seeds of unresolved family mysteries surrounding my mother's childhood. It is a story of loss, survival, and hope. By writing this story, I hope to begin to mend the damaged fabric of my family's history, and in so doing provide a meaningful contribution to literature and a deeper understanding of the human condition.

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