How Does the Denver Public Library System Respond to Its Customer's Requests for Global Information?

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Capstone Project


Liberal Studies

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Master of Liberal Studies


Arts & Culture


Dora Lodwick


Changing technologies, Denver public library, Global information, Immigrant populations


The interaction between globally available information and public library users is a changing one. Global information is readily available yet provider and user struggle to find efficiencies of time and resources. As a primary resource of global information the Denver Public Library (DPL) is approaching this challenge by providing changing technology to a changing user and by providing a customized approach to immigrant populations. DPL provides global information to library users through collections, programs and Internet. Internet and collections global information usage cannot be directly measured due to privacy restrictions. Only 12.5% of general user programs focus on global information. Four percent of budget serves the immigrant users. This is greater than national averages.

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