Date of Award


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Undergraduate Capstone Project

Degree Name

Master of Liberal Studies

Organizational Unit

University College, Arts and Culture Management


Arts and Culture

First Advisor

James Caputo


Creative writing, Depression, Fiction, Homosexuality, Identity, Love, Screenplay, Suicide


This paper explores the creative process the author partook in as she completed Act I of a future full-length screenplay, which explores themes of depression, self-acceptance, hope, forgiveness, and love. The reflection investigates the impact of Sheri Lindeman's influences in the field of fiction and screenwriting shaping her structural choices, character development, and her growth as a writer. Although the screenplay submitted is a partial piece, incomplete due to length constrictions, a reflection on its initial creation and the extensive revision process will define this piece of writing as having potential for completion and possible consideration by the independent film industry.

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Copyright is held by the author. Permanently suppressed.

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