Identify Leadership Strategies for Successful Mergers and Acquisitions

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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Master of Professional Studies

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University College, Organizational Leadership


Leadership and Organizations

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Bea Jennings


Drivers, Financial, Leadership, Mergers and acquisitions, Motives, Stakeholders, Strategies


This capstone examined potential solutions to problems that frequently undermine mergers and acquisitions. It was designed to analyze why the majority of mergers and acquisitions fail and factors that contribute to successes. Primary research included structured interviews of key leaders who managed a recent merger and acquisition, covering the process from initial assessment through post-merger. Secondary research of current literature highlighted four distinct topic areas: drivers and motivators, value for stakeholders, financial considerations, and the role of leadership. Integration surfaced throughout. Results showed that leadership plays a key role in successful mergers and acquisitions, and five critical leadership strategies that could be implemented in future mergers and acquisitions were identified.

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