It's Not About You, It's About Us: Leadership Strategies for Countering Societal Narcissism in the Workplace

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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Master of Professional Studies

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University College, Organizational Leadership


Leadership and Organizations

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Bea Jennings


Generational workforce, Leadership, Narcissism, Workplace


This capstone research shows that the workforce is changing, and that societal narcissism, fueled by social networking technology, can become a strong negative force within organizations. Employees displaying societal narcissism will exhibit behaviors of exaggerated self-importance, self-promotion, and a sense of entitlement which can negatively impact teamwork, morale and ultimately productivity. This capstone research examined leadership styles and strategies to identify those that would be effective with a growing me-centered' workforce. It was determined that a transformational emotionally intelligent leadership style would be flexible and the most effective with the emerging narcissist workforce.

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