The Next Generation Healthcare Leader: A Study of Leadership Competency Models for the Future of the Healthcare Industry

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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Master of Professional Studies

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University College, Organizational Leadership


Organizational Leadership

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Louise Vaughn


Healthcare leadership, Competency model


Healthcare in the U.S. is facing enormous challenges of rising costs, decreasing revenues, inconsistent patient quality and safety, and competing interests of hospitals, physicians, drug and insurance companies. Healthcare reform seeks to address these challenges by changing the way patients receive care from episodic, pay for service care to coordinated managed care. Health systems must radically change the way care is delivered to meet these new requirements. Healthcare leaders will, in turn, need to evolve to meet these challenges. This capstone describes the key components of new healthcare regulations and the impact on health systems and their leaders. A new leadership competency model consisting of 26 competencies in five categories is identified to meet the changing requirements of the industry.

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