Scholarship created by the faculty of the University of Denver's Department of Materials and Mechanical Engineering.


Submissions from 2020

Traumatic Brain Injury increases Plasma Astrocyte‐derived Exosome Levels of Neurotoxic Complement Proteins, Edward J. Goetzl, Kristine Yaffe, Carrie B. Peltz, Aurélie Ledreux, Kim Gorgens, Bradley S. Davidson, Ann‐Charlotte Granholm, Maja Mustapic, Dimitrios Kapogiannis, David Tweedie, and Nigel H. Greig

Determination of Gel Point and Completion of Curing in a Single Fiber/polymer Composite, J. Hoffman, S. Khadka, and M. Kumosa

Submissions from 2019

A Geometry Optimization Framework for Transcatheter Heart Valve Leaflet Design, Mostafa Abbasi and Ali N. Azadani

Influence of Stems and Metaphyseal Sleeve on Primary Stability of Cementless Revision Tibial Trays used to Reconstruct AORI IIB Defects, Maged Awadalla, Rami M. A. Al‐Dirini, Dermot O'Rourke, Lucian B. Solomon, Mark Heldreth, Paul J. Rullkoetter, and Mark Taylor

New Approach to Moisture Accumulation Assessment, M. Bleszynski and M. Kumosa

Effects of Crosslinking, Embedded TiO2 Particles and Extreme Aging on PDMS Icephobic Barriers, Monika Bleszynski, Robert Woll, James Middleton, and M. Kumosa

Altered Levels of Plasma Neuron-derived Exosomes and their Cargo Proteins Characterize Acute and Chronic Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, Edward J. Goetzl, Fanny M. Elahi, Maja Mustapic, Dimitrios Kapogiannis, Moira Pryhoda, Anah Gilmore, Kim Gorgens, Bradley S. Davidson, Ann‐Charlotte Granholm, and Aurélie Ledreux

Damage Prevention in Transformer Bushings Subjected to High-velocity Impact, Christine N. Henderson, Charles S. DeFrance, Paul Predecki, and M. Kumosa

Container Surfaces Control Initiation of Cavitation and Resulting Particle Formation in Protein Formulations After Application of Mechanical Shock, Hao Wu, Carly F. Chisholm, Meagen Puryear, Sanli Movafaghi, Samuel D. Smith, Yekaterina Pokhilchuk, Corrine S. Lengsfeld, and Theodore W. Randolph

Submissions from 2018

A Non-invasive Material Characterization Framework for Bioprosthetic Heart Valves, Mostafa Abbasi, Mohammed S. Barakat, Danny Dvir, and Ali N. Azadani

High Resolution Three-dimensional Strain Mapping of Bioprosthetic Heart Valves using Digital Image Correlation, Mostafa Abbasi, Dong Qiu, Yashar Behnam, Danny Dvir, Chadd W. Clary, and Ali N. Azadani

Fluid Dynamic Characterization of Transcatheter Aortic Valves Using Particle Image Velocimetry, Mohammed Barakat, Danny Dvir, and Ali N. Azadani

Aging Resistant TiO2/silicone Rubber Composites, Monika Bleszynski and M. Kumosa

Numerical Analysis of the Coupling between Frictionally Excited Thermoelastic Instability and Thermal Buckling in Automotive Clutches, Zhuo Chen, Yun-Bo Yi, Ke Bao, and Jiaxin Zhao

Comparison of Marker-based and Stereo Radiography Knee Kinematics in Activities of Daily Living, Donald R. Hume, Vasiliki Kefala, Michael D. Harris, and Kevin Shelburne

Submissions from 2017

Effects of Environmental Aging on Physical Properties of Aromatic Thermosetting Copolyester Matrix Neat and Nanocomposite Foams, Mete Bakir, Christine N. Henderson, Jacob L. Meyer, Junho Oh, Nenad Miljkovic, M. Kumosa, James Economy, and Iwona Jasiuk

Silicone Rubber Aging in Electrolyzed Aqueous Salt Environments, M. Bleszynski and M. Kumosa

Effect of Powder Oxidation on the Impact Toughness of Electron Beam Melting Ti-6Al-4V, W. A. Grell, E. Solis-Ramos, E. Clark, E. Lucon, E. J. Garboczi, P. K. Predecki, Z. Loftus, and M. Kumosa

Particle Removal Mechanisms in Synergistic Aging of Polymers and Glass Reinforced Polymer Composites under Combined UV and Water, T. Lu, E. Solis-Ramos, Y. B. Yi, and M. Kumosa

Chip-scale Implementation and Cascade Assembly of Particulate Matter Collectors With Embedded Resonant Mass Balances, Maribel Maldonado-Garcia, Varun Kumar, James C. Wilson, and Siavash Pourkamali

Biomechanical Compensations of the Trunk and Lower Extremities during Stepping Tasks after Unilateral Transtibial Amputation, Amanda M. Murray, Brecca M. Gaffney, Bradley S. Davidson, and Cory L. Christiansen

Statistical Shape Modeling Predicts Patellar Bone Geometry to Enable Stereo-radiographic Kinematic Tracking, Lowell M. Smoger, Kevin Shelburne, Adam J. Cyr, Paul J. Rullkoetter, and Peter J. Laz

Submissions from 2016

Characterization of Three-dimensional Anisotropic Heart Valve Tissue Mechanical Properties using Inverse Finite Element Analysis, Mostafa Abbasi, Mohammed S. Barakat, Koohyar Vahidkhah, and Ali N. Azadani

Automated Finite Element Meshing of the Lumbar Spine: Verification and Validation with 18 Specimen-specific Models, J. Q. Campbell, D. J. Coombs, M. Rao, Paul J. Rullkoetter, and A. J. Petrella

Separation of Rotational and Translational Segmental Momentum to Assess Movement Coordination during Walking, Brecca M.M. Gaffney, Cory L. Christiansen, Amanda M. Murray, Anne K. Silverman, and Bradley S. Davidson

Identification of Trunk and Pelvis Movement Compensations in Patients with Transtibial Amputation using Angular Momentum Separation, Brecca M. Gaffney, Amanda M. Murray, Cory L. Christiansen, and Bradley S. Davidson

A Combined Experimental and Computational Approach to Subject-specific Analysis of Knee Joint Laxity, Michael D. Harris, Adam J. Cyr, Azhar A. Ali, Clare K. Fitzpatrick, Paul J. Rullkoetter, Lorin P. Maletsky, and Kevin Shelburne

Systematic Synthesis of Polyimide@inorganics Core-shell Microspheres via Ion-exchange and Interfacial Reaction, Wei Liu, Zhixiao Xu, Dezhen Wu, Zhanpeng Wu, and Travis Shihao Hu

Dependence of Muscle Moment Arms on In Vivo Three-dimensional Kinematics of the Knee, Alessandro Navacchia, Vasiliki Kefala, and Kevin Shelburne

Subject-specific Modeling of Muscle Force and Knee Contact in Total Knee Arthroplasty, Alessandro Navacchia, Paul J. Rullkoetter, Pascal Schütz, Renate B. List, Clare K. Fitzpatrick, and Kevin Shelburne

Patellar Component Design Influences Size Selection and Coverage, Charlie C. Yang, Douglas A. Dennis, Patrick G. Davenport, Raymond H. Kim, Todd M. Miner, Derek R. Johnson, and Peter J. Laz

Submissions from 2015

Statistical Modeling to Characterize Relationships Between Knee Anatomy and Kinematics, Lowell M. Smoger, Clare K. Fitzpatrick, Chadd W. Clary, Adam J. Cyr, Lorin P. Maletsky, Paul J. Rullkoetter, and Peter J. Laz

Submissions from 2014

Aging of a Polymer Core Composite Conductor: Mechanical Properties and Residual Stresses, J. Middleton, J. Hoffman, B. Burks, P. Predecki, and M. Kumosa

Do Not Drop: Mechanical Shock in Vials Causes Cavitation, Protein Aggregation, and Particle Formation, Theodore W. Randolph, Elise Schiltz, Donn Sederstrom, Daniel Steinmann, Olivier Mozziconacci, Christian Schöneich, Erwin Freund, Margaret S. Ricci, John F. Carpenter, and Corrine S. Lengsfeld