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Barthélemy Trille Labarre (1758–1797) was a French guitarist and composer active at the end of the eighteenth century, when the five-course guitar was still the instrument of choice for many French guitarists. Trille Labarre's Nouvelle méthode pour la guitare, Op. 7, is impressive in its scope and its attention to detail, in comparison to other methods of the eighteenth century, but copies of it are extremely rare. Many of Trille Labarre’s other works also have survived in few or unique copies.

While Trille Labarre may be mentioned briefly in later biographical dictionaries, he is totally absent from most of the recent works on the history of the guitar. This article discusses his life and works in depth.

The supplemental files include a copy of the Nouvelle méthode and Sparr's later, more detailed version of this same article: "Barthélemy Trille Labarre, ‘Professeur de Guitare et Compositeur, Élève d’Haydn’, biography and catalogue of works," The Lute, no. 56 (2016): 1–129. We are grateful to the author for providing this article.

Trille Labarre biography and catalogue 2016.pdf (2667 kB)
A later article by Sparr with a more complete biography and a catalogue of works.

sbs04-labarre-3.pdf (24580 kB)
A Complete PDF Copy of Trille Labarre’s 1788-91 Nouvelle Méthode (courtesy of Kenneth Sparr)

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