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In 1828, the French guitarist Charles de Marescot published a small booklet called La Guitaromanie, a collection of pieces for the guitar. It includes a caricature, entitled Discussion entre les Carulistes et les Molinistes, in which two opposing bands of guitarists are engaged in a fierce fight. Although, several scholars have proposed a variety of possible motives for such a shocking image, this issue has never been subjected to close examination. The article analyses the veracity of the known theories, making for the first time a comparative study between the method books of both Ferdinando Carulli and Francesco Molino, in a search for answers to the famous querelle.


Page 16. “Like many other experiments with musical instruments at that time, the décacorde appears not to have become successful, and apart from the Méthode op. 293, Carulli never published any music for it.” Carulli wrote one more work for the décacorde, around four years later: his opus 297, c. 1830, Deux Rondeaux, un divertissement et un theme varié. See Mario Torta, Catalogo tematico delle opere di Ferdinando Carulli, vol. 2 (Lucca: Libreria Musicale Italiana, 1993), 596.

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