David J. Buch


Tárrega, primary sources, first edition, scholarly edition, autograph manuscript, La alborada, Estudio brilliante, El columpio, Danza mora, Danza odalisca, Paquito, Sueño Mazurka Conchita, Sola, Serenata española, Las dos hermanitas, Jota sobre motivos populares, Pavana, Tango María, Preludios, guitar


In this guest editorial, the author provides evidence of the unreliable nature of the majority of Tárrega’s first editions, and the substandard quality of most modern editions. The author argues that in light of the recent availability of formerly inaccessible primary sources, the time is right for a scholarly edition of Tárrega’s complete works with state-of-art editorial methods.


For a Spanish translation of this article, by Daniel Vissi García and José Luis Segura Maldonado, see below under "Additional Files."

Edición académica de Tárrega.pdf (810 kB)
Spanish translation by Daniel Vissi García and José Luis Segura Maldonado



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