Milton Mermikides Appointed as Gresham Professor of Music

The Soundboard Scholar team is delighted by the news that Dr. Milton Mermikides has been appointed Gresham Professor of Music from 2023 to 2027. Established in 1597 by London's oldest college, this chair has been occupied by such diverse and remarkable musicians as John Bull, John Taverner, Iannis Xenakis, Joanna MacGregor, Christopher Hogwood, and Christopher Page. For more information, including details of Dr. Mermikides's Gresham lectures, see the Gresham College press release.

For Soundboard Scholar, Dr. Mermikides has contributed deep inquiries into microtiming and into fretboard cognition: his works include Monitored Freedom: Swing Rhythm in the Jazz Arrangements of Roland Dyens (article), Diamonds, Abaci, and Hexagrams: Exploring the Pitch Surface of the Guitar Fretboard (keynote lecture), and The Guitar Fretboard Deep-Dive (Q&A from the keynote lecture).