Training and Motivation: Keys to Improving Service Accuracy in a Government Call Center

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Capstone Project


Applied Communication

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Master of Professional Studies


Organiz & Prof Communication


Allison Friederichs


Call center, Employee motivation, Government work, Service accuracy, Service errors, Training program


Teleservice representatives (TSRs) field calls from tens of millions of people on behalf of the Social Security Administration. Currently, agents are not meeting the 90 percent service accuracy expectation, which results in increased call volumes, increased workloads, and increased wait times on the 800 number, and contributes to the loss of public trust in the agency. After conducting primary and secondary research, this Capstone concurrently presents a training program to reduce the occurrence of the most-often committed service error and recommendations to managers to maintain or improve employee motivation. This Capstone asserts that the effectiveness of the training program is increased if employees are motivated to improve their service accuracy.

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