Hiring Manager Training for Strategically Selecting the Best Human Capital

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Capstone Project


Strategic HR Management

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Master of Professional Studies


Strategic HR Management


James Krefft


Hiring, Hiring manager guide, Human resources, Interview, Selection, Strategic, Training


The selection process is arguably the most important part of the employee life cycle in an organization, but a process often underdeveloped in many organizations. Successful selection processes can put the right people into critical positions, whereas failure to focus on selection can result in poor performance, turnover, and loss of productivity critical to the continuing success of organizations. This paper creates a model for a hiring manager training that focuses on a strategic selection process to maximize chances for successful hires. Utilizing leadership and selection models, human resources can engage hiring managers in a strategic applicant selection process as well as give tools for screening, interviewing, and selecting the best candidates for employment throughout all levels of their organization.

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