Total Compensation: Identifying Generational Differences for an Effective Total Compensation Plan

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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Master of Professional Studies

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University College, Strategic Human Resources


Strategic HR Management

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Sam Conn


Total compensation, Workforce generations, Generation Y


In this capstone report, the author provided a review of relevant literature on generational differences among the four existing workforce generations and the effects of these differences on workplace behavior. The author also evaluated current research in regards to total compensation plans utilized for employee attraction and retention. As organizations expand and the dynamics of a workforce changes, organizations must determine how to be effective with talent management systems. One way to increase efficacy involves ensuring that total compensation strategies are appealing to both current and potential employees. The data discussed in this research was collected in a survey instrument from a select population of Generation Y workers within Halliburton to determine if any correlation exists between generational differences and the value employees from each generation place on aspects of a total compensation plan.

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