An Evaluation of Talent Management Strategies Used by Foreign and Local Companies in China


Feiyu Yan

Date of Award


Document Type

Undergraduate Capstone Project

Degree Name

Master of Professional Studies

Organizational Unit

University College, Strategic Human Resources


Strategic HR Management

First Advisor

Richard Pochowicz


Talent Management (TM), Multinational Companies (MNCs), China


With the rapid development of globalization and the Chinese economy, China has been regarded as one of the most promising countries in terms of economic development. Today, how to attract and maintain talent has become a most important issue for foreign and local multinational companies (MNCs) in China. This study reviews the utilization of the talent management (TM) concept being used today within Chinese MNCs. Analyzing data from a senior managers interview of the MNCs in China for this research paper, it is concluded that the effective TM practices could be a new management ideology that may make a difference to the success and competitive advantage of organizations. Then, the paper provides recommendations to improve talent management for the MNCs in China to win the War of Talent.

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