A Case for Enhanced Sales Curriculum in University Business Programs

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Capstone Project


Organizational Leadership

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Master of Professional Studies


Leadership & Organizations


Steven Reiquam


business school sales; relationship marketing; sales education


Sales is as integral to business success along with finance, accounting, marketing, and management, yet sales education has been historically overlooked in higher learning institutions. Opponents of sales degrees and certificates argue that sales is not scientific, that it is already covered in marketing curriculum, or that student interest for sales education does not exist. Proponents point to white papers written about sales theory and strategy, and assert that marketing curriculum usually only covers a very small portion of what students should know about sales, and claim that once students are exposed to sales education, many become interested in pursuing it as a career. Research performed for this paper clarifies issues surrounding sales education and builds a case for universities to take a fresh look at augmenting their sales-focused curriculum.

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