A Change in the Beverage Industry with Herbal Drinks

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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Master of Professional Studies

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University College, Organizational Leadership


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Evans Mehew


Herbal drink, Business


In today's world health promotion has received a lot of attentions from the media. In addition, the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle has motivated the beverage industry to produce healthier products. However, replacing sodas with healthier beverages is still an issue. Shiraz, a city in Iran, has some local popular beverages known as herbal essences. According to the author's experience about herbal essences, there is an opportunity to introduce these healthy beverages to the world and inform people about their benefits. Herbal essences can make a health-related change in the beverage industry. Research conducted for this paper clarifies the benefits of herbal drinks. It also proposes a strategic plan for a new business aiming at introducing those drinks to public.

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