Denver Public Charter Schools: Applying Corporate Strategy to Innovative Education

Date of Award


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Capstone Project


Leadership and Organizations

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Master of Professional Studies


Leadership & Organizations


Jerry Call


denver public schools; Balanced Scorecard; West Denver Preparatory; Denver School of Science and Tehnology; SWOT Analysis; charter schools; Oderberg; Miles and Snow; 3P process or PPPP


The Denver Public School (DPS) district is currently seeking to improve public education through the versatility of the charter model. This report applies for-profit organizational analysis to three specific Denver charter schools. Focus of the 1978 Mile's and Snow Typology researches and compares operational strategies while forecasting need and development (Heil 2011). Investigation of charter model methods includes research via school websites, peer-reviewed journals, and articles. Findings conclude that the application of corporate strategy to public education produces innovative and proactive analysis for future charter methodologies. The latter portion of the report offers recommendations for the future development of charter models in anticipation of continued educational budget cuts in Denver, Colorado.

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