Wolf Creek Utah, A Resort Lost in Eden. How a resort with immense potential can fall from grace.

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Capstone Project


Organizational Leadership

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Master of Professional Studies


Leadership & Organizations


Patricia Greer


Resort Marketing; U.S Ski Area Development; Utah Ski Demographics; U.S Ski Demographics; Ski Resort Expansion; Snowbasin Ski Resort; Powder Mountain Ski Area; Wolf Creek Utah Resort; Ogden Valley Utah


Wolf Creek Utah was a successful resort community from its conception in 2000 until 2007. A change in the marketing and management strategies in 2007 lead to a dramatic change in brand identity causing a decline in sales and a reduced value of the property owned by the resort. These changes and the United States economic downturn led to Wolf Creek Properties officially filing for Chapter 11 protection in Utah Bankruptcy Courts in March of 2010. Research into the demographics and attractiveness of the area has been conducted in an effort to determine why the resort experienced a significant decline in sales after 2007 and to suggest how Wolf Creek Utah can return to a profitable venture in the near future.

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