Repositioning private higher education in tough times: The urgent need for leaders to reimagine and retool their marketing communication strategies

Date of Award


Document Type

Capstone Project


Organizational Leadership

Degree Name

Master of Professional Studies


Leadership & Organizations


Lora Louise Broady


Marketing higher education; Higher Education leadership; Private higher education marketing; Digital marketing; Marketing; Communications


Private higher education is under duress. Intensifying competitive, demographic, and economic pressures pose daunting threats as the American public grows skeptical about the value of a traditional college education. As private colleges and universities scramble to deliver a more compelling brand value proposition, astute marketing leadership is required. This capstone explores the critical need to make marketing a top-level institutional priority that empowers leaders to develop and drive re-imagined marketing strategies. Research findings underscore the urgent need for a greater investment in market research and exceptional agility in leveraging new digital communications to connect with key constituencies. Research results serve as the foundation for a revised marketing strategy for Concordia College, which is included as part of this capstone.

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