A University Based Strategic Solicitation Plan for Young Alumni

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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Master of Professional Studies

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University College, Organizational Leadership


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Irene Frederick


Young alumni, Student engagement, Philanthropy, Young alumni giving, Solicitation plan, University-solicitation plan


Engaging and soliciting young alumni and current students requires unique targeted plans comprised of various communication channels to effectively engage this demographic. Currently, many higher education institutions do not treat young alumni populations as unique segments, or educate current students about the importance of giving back philanthropically. The primary goal and objective for this project is to provide a strategic fundraising plan for targeting and soliciting young alumni, along with an implementation strategy for a complementary initiative educating current students about giving. Presentation of this strategic plan to universities and colleges that have been unsuccessful, or are just beginning to consider targeting these two populations, will give them an opportunity to utilize the plan as a starting point for implementation.

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