Theses/Dissertations from 1985

Thought patterns : female language in the visual arts, Jennifer M. Huebner

Inlay technique of Koryo Celadon, Minsoon Koong

From ragdoll to stick figure, Cathleen M. Onstad

Painting as painting, Patricia Ann Sheller

Theses/Dissertations from 1984

Landscape and recent abstract paintings, Johnye Abeyta-Nielson

In search of a personal vision, Linda Sue Alterwitz

Frank Stella's prints : how they stack up, Frances M. Brousseau

A sense of place, Suzanne Manke Cahill

Art as record, Kay D. Galvan

A structuralist approach to meaning, Anne Owens Haley

Art as a social catalyst, Geoffrey Bruce Lasko

The influence of Native American art on four contemporary artists : Joe Powell, Doug Cranmer, R. Lee White and Paul Pletka, Marjorie B. Miller

John Heartfield, the photomonteur : the origin, history, and perception of photomontage, Lisbeth Neergaard Kohloff

My present understanding of the world and its manifestation in my art, William Jude Rumley

Theses/Dissertations from 1983

Metamorphosis : from goats to camels, Barbara Beatty de Aldrete

Frank Howell's lithography : poetic visions, Kyle Belding

A portrait of the scholar, Kay E. Black

History of Shark's Lithography Ltd., Patricia Ann Cronin

Research component for a children's guide to the Denver Art Museum, Jo Duranceau-Cannon

Michael Heizer's Nevada scuptures : a study of earthworks, Patricia A. Fairchild

homas Moran's depictions of the Mountain of the holy cross, Ann Elizabeth James

Ka-Na-Da-Ra : Jung Sun Lee's painting, Jung Sun Lee

magery in clay : a personal perspective, Michael J. Parry

Tradition and the American potter, Galynn Ecton Tagg

Theses/Dissertations from 1982

Marks and performance, Susana Amundarain-Briceno

A comparison of elements in chess and art, Allen Craig Bishop

Stability, Kurt L. Bonello

New data from old masters: an evaluation of educational programs offered in conjunction with the exhibition "Old master paintings from the collection of Baron Thyssen-Bornemisza", Daryl Koropp Fischer

Saggar firing and forms, Kathryn Alice Holt

Herbert Bayer : visual expression of institutional values, Jerry Allen Schefcik

Color in unglazed ceramics : low fire, Donna Schnitzer

The transformative potential of la joie de vivre in painting, Andrea Smith

Ch'ing dynasty court costumes (1664-1912), Jean Strickland Wilson

Theses/Dissertations from 1981

Iconography of the Madonna in contemplation, Laura Ellen Callier

A picnic for two : a study of the male and female in art, Judith A. Coons

Management and photography for the small slide library, Peter Anthony Dulan Jr.

Roots of clay : search for contemporary context, Robert W. Harrison

Albert Bierstadt's Weeping oaks, Clear Creek, California (1880) : a painting in the collection of the University of Denver, Diane Wetmore Kotowsk

Scale in contemporary art, Carolyn Reid

Three scenes of Ville-d'Avary by Corot : a study in structure, Margaret H. Ritchie

The effects of a selected art history curriculum on the aesthetic preference, art knowledge and art products of second grade and fifth and sixth grade children, Mary J. Utiger Hedlund

Theses/Dissertations from 1980

Masterpiecis, Jacquelyn Ann Boe

Clay and the creative process in junior high, Barbara J. Kaplysh

Five corporations : a study of corporate patronage of art in Denver, Gary L. Mullenix

Five corporations : a study of corporate patronage of art in Denver, Gary L. Mullenix

Raku : a historical, technical, and personal view, Jonathan Roylance

Non-propaganda photography : August Sander and the Alva P. O. W. photographs, Paul Christian Schroder

The imagism of Jasper Johns, Suzanne M. Singletary

Chancay three-dimensional weaving : the tree motif, Diane P. Wendt

Theses/Dissertations from 1979

New Deal art works in Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska, Ronald Irvin Bruner

Explorations in search of the contemplative sculptural object, Carolyn J. Grimes

The depiction of women in Japanese prints from the seventeenth century to the twentieth century, Julia Miller

Longfellow's Hiawatha as a source of inspiration for American artists, 1855-1890, Cynthia D. Nickerson

The aesthetics of aircraft design, William Sprague Tilton

Theses/Dissertations from 1978

Experimentation with commercial underglazes at various temperatures, Beverly Ann Chalmer

The circular form within the fine arts, LeRoy K. Deneen

Beyond literalism : the art of Joan E. Kaiser, Joan E. Kaiser

The recent paintings of Barbara B. Kowalski : their influences and direction, Barbara B. Kowalski

Cemeteries as a source of photographic imagery, James Oliver Milmoe

Repetition in contemporary sublime art, Susan Planalp

Comparison of styles, Jonathan P. Rosen

The psychology of creativity : applications to teaching of the visual arts, Wesley Alan Wada

Theses/Dissertations from 1977

The studio electric kiln : application, design, and construction, Carrie MacLennan Bruno

The history and process of Raku and an investigation into the development of the imagery of Adrienne Diner, Adrienne Diner

African influence on Afro-American sculptors, Edward J. Dwight

A search for a more powerful means of communication : an evolution away from painting, Genevieve Sue Freeman

The design and construction of a cone 10 stoneware kiln, Duncan Gonzalez

St. John's Episcopal Cathedral, Denver, Colorado, Catherine Handler

A comparative study of the use of chance in the works of Jean Arp and Carol Maus, Carol J. Maus

The influence of Chinese and Japanese calligraphy on Mark Tobey (1890-1976), Min-chih Yao Sailey

Psychosexual explorations of Richard Lindner's iconography, Christy Standen Sebastian

A mirror tradition in pre-Columbian art, Joyce R. Straus

Theses/Dissertations from 1976

Fernando Gallego and the altarpiece of Juan de Mella : a problem in art historical methodology, Marlene Chambers

The masks of the Arroyo Pesquero, Thomas Roderick Dew

Continuous parts of a concept, Janis Leslie Diner

Graffiti : subjective experience and effect, Elwood Paul Glaser

Contemporary drawing in Colorado, Kate Hendrickson

A discussion of alternative critical approaches to contemporary art, Walter Impert

Laura Gilpin : her life and her work, Ellen C. Jeffers

Today's printmaker, Betsy Margolius

An awareness of the interior : developments in the ceramic sculpture of Sue Mullins, Sue Ann Mullins

The pinhole camera : an innovation in classroom photography, Roberta Martin Norman

A comparison of war-theme graphics by Käthe Kollowitz and Henry Moore, Deborah Scripps

Stowe in context : the two nudes, Bruce Stowe

An exploration of costume design in China and India and its relationship to the sexual roles, attitudes, and symbols of those countries, Karen Margaret Tepley

A catalogue of the Steinberg collection : twentieth century painting, sculpture and original graphics, Patrick Burke Veerkamp

Robert Rauschenberg and Kōshirō Onchi : a study of the twentieth century revival of lithography and woodblock prints, Margery H. Ziffrin

Theses/Dissertations from 1975

The Puerto Rican print, Karen Marie Ackerbloom

The life of a painter by Gino Severin -- translated and with an introduction, Rebecca R. Akins

A summer children's program for the Denver Art Museum, Jane Mildred Comstock

The Wiener Werkstätte, 1903-1932 : three decades of arts and crafts in Vienna, Elsa Christian Von Briesen

Theses/Dissertations from 1974

Modern European masters of the Hanley Collection, the Denver Art Museum : twenty paintings and drawing, Gwen Finkel Chanzit

The implications and manifestations of humor in the work of Barbara Guzofsky, Barbara Ruth Guzofsky

Comparative analysis of three representational painters : Leslie, Close, Habib, Paula Marie Habib

Oeuvre, Anthony Martin

The American portrait tradition : Cephas Thompson 1775-1856, Sherry C. Perschbacher

Changing--a continuum?, Susan Marie Rehschuh

A creative trinity, Joel C. Sheesley

Influences of psychological and experiential processes in paintings of Sheila Sobol, Sheila Sobol

Landscape and other environmental factors as they relate to the imagery in the paintings of Deborah Sprenger, Deborah Kay Sprenger