Submissions from 2020


How Peer Support Specialists Uniquely Initiate and Build Connection with Young People Experiencing Homelessness, James Erangey, Connor Marvin, Danielle Maude Littman, Meredith Mollica, Kimberly Bender, Tom Lucas, and Tara Milligan

Submissions from 2017

Descriptive and Injunctive Network Norms Associated with Nonmedical use of Prescription Drugs Among Homeless Youth, Anamika Barman-Adhikari, Alia Al Tayyib, Stephanie Begun, Elizabeth Bowen, and Eric Rice

Submissions from 2016

A Social Capital Approach to Identifying Correlates of Perceived Social Support Among Homeless Youth, Anamika Barman-Adhikari, Elizabeth Bowen, Kimberly Bender, Samantha Brown, and Eric Rice

Condomless Sex Among Homeless Youth: The Role of Multidimensional Social Norms and Gender, Anamika Barman-Adhikari, Hsun-Ta Hsu, Stephanie Begun, Andrea Perez Portillo, and Eric Rice

Social Networking Technology Use and Engagement in HIV-Related Risk and Protective Behaviors Among Homeless Youth, Anamika Barman-Adhikari, Eric Rice, Kimberly Bender, Rebecca Lengnick-Hall, Amanda Yoshioka-Maxwell, and Harmony Rhoades