The Future of Employment-at-Will: An Exploratory Look at How the Doctrine Can Change the American Workplace


Laurie Hayes

Date of Award


Document Type

Undergraduate Capstone Project

Degree Name

Master of Professional Studies

Organizational Unit

University College, Strategic Human Resources


Human Resource Administration

First Advisor

Sam Conn




In this capstone project, the author focused on how the Employment-at-Will Doctrine has evolved from its original intent and takes a look at the future path the Doctrine may follow. The Employment-at-Will Doctrine has evolved as a result of many exceptions granted by the court system over the past several years. The author presents a discussion of how these exceptions have affected the American workplace. Future exceptions that may impact the workplace were examined. Recent literature searches on the subject were reviewed along with examination of court cases that affected the Employment-at-Will Doctrine. Interviews with legal and Human Resources experts were conducted and reviewed following a qualitative research approach, and opinions and conclusions regarding the future direction of the Doctrine were determined. Also, ideas for future change that can affect the American workplace were discussed.

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