Talent Management: Total Rewards Strategy for Postdoctoral Fellows in the United States


Yingxia Xiao

Date of Award


Document Type

Undergraduate Capstone Project

Degree Name

Master of Professional Studies

Organizational Unit

University College, Strategic Human Resources


Strategic HR Management

First Advisor

James Krefft


Talent management, Total rewards strategy


In the last twenty years, postdoctoral fellows have produced most of the results in academic laboratories in the United States. A good rewards system that can motivate postdoctoral fellows and improve their performance becomes the key that leads to the success of academic research. According to Maslow, all supervisors should understand postdoctoral fellows' goals and focus on not only the lower end of their need hierarchy, but also the upper end. This Capstone Project reviews different rewards theories and proposes total rewards strategies to motivate postdoctoral fellows and improve their performance. By applying such rewards strategy, postdoctoral fellows are willing to work harder, and supervisors can get the best out of postdoctoral fellows, leading to win-win outcomes.

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