Generations in the Workplace: Does It Affect Employee Retention?

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Master of Professional Studies

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Louise Vaughn


Baby Boomers, Generational characteristics, Generation X, Generations in the workplace, Millennials, Retention, Retention strategies, Technology, Veterans


For the first time in history, companies have four generations of employees in the workplace, working for them at the same time. The generations include the Veterans, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and the Millennials. Differences in the generations abound due to social, political, and parental influences. Clashes are bound to occur due to these differences. It is imperative that companies discover what the generational differences are and try to meet the needs of each generation in order to keep turnover low. Companies that recognize what influences or motivates each generation of workers adds value and strength to the organization; happier employees means better employee retention which may reduce turnover costs such as advertising, recruiting, interviewing, and training.

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