Capstone Projects from 2019


Creativity Advances Logical, Spatial, and Aesthetics Cognitive Abilities Through Self-Reflection and May Improve Spatial Sequencing Memory, Theresa Ferg

Capstone Projects from 2015

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Building a Film/TV Production Industry to Boost its Economy and Unite its Divided Cultures, Teresa K. Dokey

Agriculture and sustainable development: The role of small scale agriculture in obtaining food security, Joseph Allen Hengstler

Women Of India: Developmental setbacks of gender inequity, Alicia Trawick

Capstone Projects from 2014

The Universality of Civil War Definitions: A Study of How Regional Considerations Impact Civil War in Somalia, Colombia, and Angola, Deidre McGinnis

Transcending Cultural and Language Differences: Ethical Codes of Conduct for Translators and Interpreters in Afghanistan, Ashley O'Neill

Capstone Projects from 2013

The Effect of the Farmer Assurance Provision of the Consolidated and Continuing Appropriations Act, 2013 on Biodiversity and Global Food Security, John Bigelow Loveland

Human Trafficking of Women and Children in the Philippines: Challenges and Solutions, Manisha Shrestha

Capstone Projects from 2012

Machine Translation: Translators' Friend or Foe?, Gloria Keller

Corn Liberalization in Mexico: The Effects of Neoliberal Policies on Campesino Food Security, William H. Payne

North Korea's Nuclear Weapon Program : A Critical Analysis, Carmen Robinson

Micronutrients and the Sahel: The Need for International Food Aid Reform, Rachel M. Wojcik

Capstone Projects from 2011

Russia's Clandestine War against the United States: The Resurrection of the KGB and Russian Organized Crime Post 9/11, Lance P. Alred

Consequences of the Past: China's Rise to Superpower Status and its Impact on the United States, Michael E. Chumbler

Applying Translation Quality Standards to a Certification Procedure for U.S. Language Service Providers, Jason J. Hall

Translating and Subtitling Humor Through Theory and Practice, Elizabeth Hunt

Microfinance Providing Security and Poverty Alleviation to Nicaragua, Christopher M. Lane

The Need for Professional Translation and Interpretation in School Districts, Jennifer R. Mosby

Human Rights in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the Future of the Troubled State after Kim Jong-Il, Lance J. Oversole

Fixing America's School Lunch Program: Local Issues, National Challenges, and Global Perspectives on Possible Solutions, Allen Potter

How Competition Over Limited Natural Resources Impacts the Formation of Culture, Joshua Ragon

Developing Civil Society and a New Leadership Class in Iraq: A Comprehensive Analysis and Business Plan, Allison Sharpe

Microcredit Financing Organizations: Global Players Empowering Women and Alleviating Poverty Worldwide, Katie Thomas

Slaying the Hydra: Al Qaeda's Evolution and America's Plan of Attack, Mary Wade

Capstone Projects from 2010

Social Inequity and Globalization: Understanding Violent and Nonviolent Responses, Jo Ann Beine

The Role of Education and Government in Shaping Muslim Women's Rights: Three Contemporary Case Studies, Kimberly Clark

Influence of Religious Institutions in the Creation and Implementation of Public Policy: The Case of Roman Catholic Argentina and Secular Uruguay, Silvina Jover-Cirillo

Broadening the Scope of Ethnic Identity: A Social Sustainability Solution for Pan African Communities through Ethnically Relevant Educational Programming, Jennifer Stith

Capstone Projects from 2005

Factors Affecting Women Leaders in the Denver Group of the Colorado Mountain Club, Patricia Leslie