The capstone project requirements require doctoral students to make an original contribution to psychological scholarship. Students may choose to do a qualitative or quantitative research project, or can choose other forms of scholarship, such as developing a case study or treatment protocol.


Doctoral Papers/Masters Projects from 2015

Adjustment of Adult Children of Divorce: A Comparative Analysis, Emily A. Kerr


Understanding Change in a Therapeutic Community for People with Severe Mental Illness: An Interpretive Phenomenological Study, Julie Caroline Keys


Perceptions of Child Wellbeing and Attitudes Towards Polygamy Between Members and Non-Members of the LDS Church, McCall Bowcut Lyon


Interpreting Empirical Assessments from a Behavioral Perspective: A Rationale for Why and How, Tiffiny McCain


Apples and Oranges: An Argument for Psychopathy as a Formal Diagnosis, Katherine K. McMann


Best Practices In Team-Based Treatment Termination, Leslie Minna


Acceptance and Commitment Therapist Views on the Sacred, Amal Abuzalaf Mull


Living With Dignity: A Pilot Study Implementing Dignity Therapy With Allogeneic Blood or Marrow Transplant Recipients, Emily Newman


Prosocial Support Networks' Influence on Offender Reintegration: Recommendations for Treatment Providers, Kasey Odell


Development of a psychological assessment battery to measure client beliefs about the effectiveness of psychotherapy, Christopher Peavey

How Do I Love Thee: A look at why adults’ bond differently to romantic relationships than to other relationships, Julia I. Renedo


Exploring mindfulness as a culturally sensitive intervention for the Deaf community, Barrymore Rosellini

Conceptualizing The Miscarriage Experience Through The Lens Of Ghosts In The Nursery, Karalynn Royster


Intercultural Communication Between Forensic and Clinical Psychologists, Brittany Schmeck

The Utility of Therapeutic Assessment Style Fables During the Termination Stage of Psychotherapy, Chelsea Spiro

Collegiate Athletic Teams’ Perceptions Of Collective Efficacy Post-Injury, Julie H. Sutcliffe

A Qualitative Analysis Of Fathers' Experiences During Labor And Delivery In Three Settings: Hospitals, Birthing Centers, And Homebirths, Anne Elise Van Bekkum


Human Trafficking & Commercial Sex Exploitation: Treatment Recommendations for an Invisible Population, Abigail K. Wolfe

An Examination of Differences in Food Choices and Attitudes Towards Appearance in Individual and Team Sport Collegiate Athletes, Amy Xu, Matt Mikesell, and Bradley Bryk

An Analysis Of Diversity Content in Doctoral Health Service Psychology Program Websites, Valerie Yeo


Clinical Psychology Students’ Perceived Training In Working With Transgender Clients: An Exploratory Study, Vanessa Zimmerman

Doctoral Papers/Masters Projects from 2014

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Improving the Lives of Cancer Patients: A Preliminary Study, Nahed Barakat


Asperger's Disorder in Older Adulthood: The Unique Treatment Concerns and Implications for Applying Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Brian Beaumund


Expert Approaches to Mental Toughness Development in the High Risk Sport of Diving, Aaron D'Addario


Using the R-PAS' Aggressive Content Score For the Evaluation of Aggressive Behaviors in Children, Rebecca Dehass


Measure of Maturity: The Montana Adolescent Maturity Assessment, Nathaan Demers

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Fibromyalgia: A Case Study, Amy Dexter


The Importance of the First Psychotherapy Case in the Development of the Therapist's Professional Self as Viewed Through the Lens of Self Psychology, Kaitlyn Eichenberger


The Importance of the First Psychotherapy Case in the Development of the Therapist's Professional Self as Viewed Through the Lens of Self Psychology, Kaitlyn Eichenberger

Examining the Impact of Child Psychologists' Stigmatization of Parents on Treatment Outcomes Through a Developmental Lens, Alana Fryer

The current state of education, training, and supervision in professional psychology programs related to non-suicidal self-injury: An exploratory study, Lindsey Harcus

How Language and Stereotypes Affect the Help-Seeking Behaviors of Victims of Female-on-Female Sexual Assault, A. Elizabeth Johnson

Family Support in the Acute Aftermath of Stroke: Guidelines for the Integration of Ambiguous Loss Theory in Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Teams, Emily Laux


A Parametric Description of Modern Military Culture for Civilian Mental Health Practitioners to Better Serve Those Who Serve, RuthAnn R. Lester

Speaking Up: Experiences of Graduate Student Therapists of Color, Gift McDougal

Looking Through the Windshield: An Intersubjective Approach to the Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder and Avoidant Personality Disorder, Alexandra Mizrahi

Facebook as Organizing, yet not Transforming, Self-experience, Risa Muchnick


Swing dancing along the spectrum: a proposed unique adjunctive treatment approach for individuals with autism spectrum disorder, Alia Mulder-Rosi

Meaning and Psychosis: An Intersubjective Approach to the Treatment of Schizophrenia, Laura Niver


Using Yoga Practice to Empower Psychotherapists’ Interpersonal Process, Jennifer Paz


What does performance theory have to teach us about the treatment of severe and persistent mental illness (SPMI) in prison?, Kaley JoAnne Raskin


A Transdiagnostic Social Skills Intervention; Using a Structured Story to Teach Children How to Ask a Friend to Play, Elizabeth Santy

An Application of Self Psychology and Intersubjective Systems Theory to The Human Companion Animal Bond: A Case Study, Rebecca Schwartz


Kids Alive! Support for Children of Parents with Cancer: An Exemplar Program for Children of Parents with Cancer, Shane Spears

An Essay on the Importance of Defining Playfulness: Engendering Playfulness in Caregivers as a State, Trait and Skill, Ashley Sward

The Experiences of American Indian Women Warriors, Sierra Symonette

Clinically Impactful v. Bad Medicine: Considerations for Integrating Traditional Native American Healing Practices into Counseling and Clinical Psychology, Teresa Renee Thompson

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) In An Adult Offender Population: Making The Case For Trauma-Informed Tr, Leah Wallerstein

Doctoral Papers/Masters Projects from 2013

The Perks of Playing Dress-Up: Psychological Impressions of Fashion and Feminism., Linda Baker

Providing Bereavement Counseling to Chinese Americans: A Cultural Adaptation of a Western Grief Counseling Model., Lillian I. Chen

Is Diversity Inclusiveness?" A Personal and Empirical Exploration", Cari Cornish

The Trail of No Tears: Traditional Masculinity Ideologies and The Cycle of Dismissing-Avoidant Attachment, Jefferson Crowe

Psychosocial Distress Screening in a Community Cancer Center: An Exploratory Study of Distress Screening Across the Cancer Treatment Continuum, Christine Devore

An Acceptance and Commitment Approach to Issues of Behavioral Health Care in Soldiers, Nichole Duckham

Confirming the Association Between Affective Disturbance and Perceived Cognitive Dysfunction Among Breast Cancer Patients: A Meta-Analysis of Available Literature, Robin Garrett

Competencies Needed By Mental Health Professionals Working With Parents of Children With Asthma, Natalie Gart

Successful Navigation of the Conflict between Doctoral Education and Cultural Expectations of Child Rearing in Hispanic Culture, Rebecca Garza

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with Forensic Inpatients, Meagan Grasmick

The Use of the Rey 15-Item Test and Recognition Trial to Evaluate Suboptimal Effort in Neuropsychological Assessment with a Pediatric Mild TBI Sample, Cassie M. Green

Multicultural education in Clinical Psychology Programs and the needs of racial minority trainees., Rohini Gupta

Sexual Sensation Seeking, Alcohol Use, and Risky Sexual Behavior Among Men Who Have Sex With Men, Bram Heidinger

Working Therapeutically with Interpreters in Mental Health: A Curriculum for Clinicians., Julie Kendall

Back in Blue: The Successful Reintegration of Combat Veteran Law Enforcement Officers., Shawn Knadler

Assessment and Promotion of Partner Support: A Prevention-Focused Intervention for Perinatal Depression in Primary Care, Abigail Lockhart

A Qualitative Study of Potential Suicide Risk Factors Among Soldiers Transitioning From Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom, Jaimie Lusk

Transgender Group Therapy: Process and Issues with Male to Female Clients, Kimberly Mathewson

The Dilemma of Obesity Stigma in Psychotherapy, Alexandra McDermott

The Effectiveness of Art Therapy in Decreasing Depressive Symptomology: A Meta-Analysis, Courtney E. McDonnell

Psychological and Social Perspectives on Malingering and Symptom Exaggeration: Conceptualization and Interventions Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Lauren O'Flaherty

Establishing Culturally Sensitive Therapeutic Communities in Ghana for Individuals with Severe and Persistent Mental Illnesses, Evelyn Owusu

A Meta-Analysis of the Effectiveness of Military and Veterans Affairs (VA) Combat-Related PTSD Programs, Forest Pavel

Modified Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program Applied Within a Time-Limited Corrections Setting, Jennifer Rhoda

The Development of an Intervention Tool to Address Challenges in the Medical Treatment of Children with Autism ., Julia Runde

A Meta-analytic Review of Acceptance-Based Behavioral Interventions for the Treatment of Anxiety, David Shanley

Self-Injurious Behavior And Its Relationship To Eating Disorder Symptom Severity, Kevin Thomas

Leading With the Relationship: The Role of the Therapeutic Relationship in Motivational Interviewing, Shanna Tillman

Psychological Perspectives on the Civil Liberties of Transgendered Inmates in a Prison Setting, Jennifer M. Tippett

Treatment Outcomes for Eating Disorder Patients With and Without Comorbid Substance Abuse Diagnoses, Alexis Wilbert

Building Resilience in Young Black Males: Determining the Factors that Lead to Success for Black Men in America, Tiffany Willis

An Evaluation of Sport Psychology Service Delivery in Collegiate Athletics, Shawn Zeplin

Doctoral Papers/Masters Projects from 2012

Female Psychopaths: Are We Flying Under the Radar?, Rebecca Baker

The Impact of Repetitive Concussions In High School Athletes, Michael Brinker

The Impact of Sexual Boundary Violations in Supervision and Therapy: A Qualitative Study of a Trainee's First-Hand Account, Emily Buoen

Are We Family? Lesbian Mothers and the Decision to Make Contact with Their Children's Donor Siblings, Abigail Coven

A Student's Perspective on Graduate Training in Sport Psychology, Jessica Dale

Everyone Has Their Scars: Meaning Making In a Burn Survivor Support Group., Trevor J. Davis

Personal Reflections on Providing Psychotherapy in a Third Language, Huong Thu Diep

Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration Behavior of Practitioners in the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders, Cydney DiPiazza

From The Holding Cell to the Holding Environment: Applying an Intersubjective Approach into Trauma Treatment with Women in the Correctional Setting, Emily Fogle

Exploring the Experiences of International Student-Athletes, Kristin Frevert

Program Evaluation of an After-School Socialization Group Program, Alicia Gauthier

Therapeutic Assessment for an individual with Binge Eating Disorder: A single-case time-series design ., Amy Audette Ginsberg

Psychosocial Distress Screening in a Community Cancer Center: An Examination of Gender Differences, Kelly Glaze

The Eating Disorder Inventory-III Maturity Fears Scale and Treatment Outcome in an Intensive Outpatient Eating Disorder Program, Alicia R. Goffredi

The Utility of the CVLT-C as an Embedded Validity Indicator After Pediatric Mild Traumatic Brain Injury., David Hargrave

Evidence-Based Practice in the Juvenile Justice System: Balancing Clinical Expertise with Best Available Research and Client Variables, Allison M. Hersh

Once Upon a Time in Therapy: Crafting Therapeutic Narratives to Help Familiarize Children with the Therapeutic Process., Jonathan Haywood Jenkins

Asperger's Disorder in College Students: Application of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Stephen Koelemay

The Experience of Minority Female Coaches within Intercollegiate Athletics, Nohelani M. Lawrence

Making and Keeping Friends: A social skills game that promotes parental involvement to more effectively address social deficits in children with ADHD, Alexandra K. McCauley